We have a tradition in the family to organize a summer mega party!)
And now we can officially declare that we have booked the bike center "Sexton" on August 23 for a big drum show of my husband Maximilian Maxotsky in honor of his 30th birthday!

The guests will be: Filatov & Karas, Stas Pyekha, Legalize, Rock Privet, Ivan, Andrey Barinov, press, TV .. and the list grows every day!

Special effects, drive, auction of my painting and limited collection of T-shirts with an autograph are waiting for all of us!)
Guests gathering and reception at 20:00.
The show starts at 21:00.
Free admission!

P.S. I can not imagine how we could go so far, but half the work on the preparation has already been done, there is no turning back! ?

Friends, we will be glad to you all!
It looks like it will be a bomb !!! ⭐
10% of the proceeds will be sent to the Smolensk animal shelter "Loyalty".