There was a girl Vera.

One day she came to me and said: "I do not have beautiful photos, but I want a portrait from you." The acquaintance and the first picture inspired me and we met again. Already for my personal work. It was a cloudy dark day ... and in her house there lives a yard dog, whom she picked up on the street and lovingly loves. In these two sentences is the very combination of cold street light and hot glow around and from within.
So my Vera appeared.
The painting was born in the cold St. Petersburg, then it lived for a couple of months in Smolensk and went with me to Moscow. Then it became boring and the portrait went to Spain, receiving a prize. Along the way, it was lost and approached the end of the exposition. When I sent the work, I cursed: "Do not come back! Live there! Bring me money for a new art! "And she did not return, brought prize money and went to Italy!
Belief in Verona. Vera in the Church of Santa Maria. Holy and wandering ... it's amazing!


The group exhibition in Verona (Italy), June 25 - July 8, 2018.

Chiesa di Santa Maria in Chiavica.

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