My name is Eugenia Shchukina. 
I live and work in Moscow, Russia.

Graduated from Smolensk State University with a degree in Fine Art. During the university period, I was fascinated by human portraits. Trying to print energy and soul on canvas, it became my favorite thing I've been doing the last 10 years.

I was always a stubborn person and could sit for hours at the most painstaking work.
At the same time, I always had high demands on the quality of what I do.
In the kindergarten, I asked my father to draw a girl for me, my father wrote, I did not like drawing, I got angry and repainted the painting until it was beautiful. Discontent, perseverance and now help me develop willpower, technical skills and excel in my business. Negative emotions are an excellent driving force when properly applied.

Now i’m experimenting with different colors and techniques. The most portraits are made with pastel on the paper and are on private collections around Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Italy and the USA.


Eyes have always been a central element of my work.
Feelings, thoughts, emotions - all energy is concentrated in them!
In life, people often look away. My work - the opportunity to see the soul of the person depicted and the way to openly see the pictures of my viewer.

Moths in my works are illusions, fears, complexes.
Fragile, fickle, rapidly disappearing, is invisible.
My works are little stories about relationships with fiction, doubt, and ideas in our heads. We can be friends with them, be in harmony, fight or ignore them, but they are always with us! Even if just nobody notices.



10/2018 Award of Excellence "Artist Choice", Camelback Gallery.
09/2018  "American Art Awards".

2nd place. Category cubism. 
6th place. Category  self-portrait.
02/2018   Prize of the jury from the Fiorenza Canestrari. Fomenar Prize 2017.
12/2017  Second place. "Blue" 2017 Show.
Gallery Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.




09/2019 "Meeting Of Stiles" Graffiti Festival.
Smolensk. Russia.
07/2019 Exhibition in Want&Paint Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
02/2019 "2019 Showcase". Arch Enemy Arts gallery. Philadelphia, USA.
07/2018  "Above only art." Moscow City, Tower Federation. Moscow, Russia.
06/2018  "Fomenar Verona". The church of Santa Maria in Chiavica.
Verona, Italy.

04/2018  "Premio Fomenar 2017". Art Nou Milleni Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

04/2018  "Yellow" 2017 Show. Gallery Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. Online.

03/2018  "Hello, it's me!". Museum "The Garden Ring". Moscow, Russia. 

12/2017   "Blue" 2017 Show. Gallery Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. Online.

08/2017  Solo "The exhibition-apartment." Moscow, Russia.

03/2012  Exhibition of young painters. Smolensk, Russia.

02/2011  Exhibition of young painters. Smolensk, Russia.

05/2009  Exhibition of young painters. Smolensk, Russia.


09/2018 "Magazine 43"
09/2018  "ALONG the LINE" magazine, interview.
08/2018  "ALONG the LINE" magazine, Winner of Cover-Contest.
8/07/2018  "L’Aren" newspaper, Verona.
05/2017  "I AM" - International collection of masters of art.

14/05/2009  "Smolensk news" newspaper.