Fragile souls.


Human becomes dust, dust becomes human. Fragile portraits of people are born out of the dust of pastels, which can be destroyed with a flick of a finger, turning them into dust again.
A series of works about the course of life and balance, fragility and strength at the same time. When it seems that the world is being destroyed, but the crumbling head is still in the hands. And you can catch the passing time and fill yourself with it.

I See You.


All what we do, think or speak is the momentary subjective perception, which can be false. The same words and acts can be  interpreted in different ways, which depends of people’s mood and upbringing, psychological statement and life’s principles.

I’m so interested broadcasting this illusions In the form of moths. Here he is landed on the face showed any fantasy, fear, complex, made human’s character, left Subjective mark in somebody’s Perception and then moth flew away. Who is the human? Nobody have known it. Maybe human only is a set of illusions?

Watercolor Dreams.


Part of the project "I See You", dedicated to asceticism, eternal self-isolation, the artist's regular fear of opening up to the viewer, showing his real self. The series consists mainly of self-portraits, in which my photographs are combined with living hand-drawn images. Harmonious symbiosis of inner self-awareness and physical creative embodiment. Contradictions, doubts, insecurities, a desire to hide and fear are against the need to demonstrate, sell and entertain the audience.