Eugenia Shchukina. 
Was born in Smolensk in 1989.

Graduated from Smolensk State University with a degree in Fine Art. Member of National Pastel Society 2019. Member of "All SHE Makes" and "Where are the women artists" community. Participant of many international contests, expositions, street art and graffiti festivals. Two-time prizewinner of American Art Awards. 

She is experimenting with different techniques in realism and pop-surrealism styles. The most brilliant arts have been done with dry pastel on paper. Many of them are located in private collections around Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany,  North Africa, England and USA.


Research of internal instability and plasticity of the human psyche is the main foundation of my art.
I’m interested in the question of decreasing fears and fictions through their analyze, in whole perception of different sides personality through symbolism and combination of modern artistic techniques.
Most of my art have a trend of the female perspective and consciousness of Western culture, because it's so close to my origin.

Moths in my works are illusions, fears, complexes.
Fragile, fickle, rapidly disappearing, is invisible.
My works are little stories about relationships with fiction, doubt, and ideas in our heads. We can be friends with them, be in harmony, fight or ignore them, but they are always with us! Even if just nobody notices.



2022  Top 20 Winner in the 2022 High Art Contest.
2021  Luxembourg Art Prize. Certificate of recognition of artistic merit.
2020  Top 150 Winner in the 2020 High Art Contest.
2019  "Talent of Russia" 3rd place. Avant-garde painting. Figurative art. The work "Uncertainty."

2018  "Artist Choice" 2 place, Camelback Gallery. «Kate Nomad».

2018  "AmericanArtAwards".

          2nd place. Category cubism. «23 inch Max Crazy Swiss».
          6th place. Category  self-portrait. «Foggy Self portrait».
2018   Prize of the jury from the Fiorenza Canestrari. Fomenar Prize 2017. «Vera».
2017  Second place. "Blue" 2017 Show. Gallery Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. «Foggy Self portrait».



2024  Kaleidoscope of collective vision. The Frame society & We Are_ Gallery. France, Paris.
2024  Exhibition on 780 monitors of the city. ArtCrash Gallery. Belgium, Brussels.
2023  Reflecting the collective soul. Times Square central billboard display. NYC USA.
2023  Reflecting the collective soul. Ninfa gallery. Milan, Italy.
2023  Ninfa & Obra23 Gallery.  Ibiza, Spain.
2023  NFT Agora. NFC summit. Lisbon.
2021  Anniversary exhibition of V.E. Samarina "Teacher and Students". Exhibition Center named after Tenishevs. Smolensk. Russia..
2019  "Side 2.0". Museum them. Kovalenko. Krasnodar. Russia.
2019  “Muse Should Work” - 5th National Russian Competition of Young Artists. Museum of Contemporary Art «ArtMuza». St. Petersburg. Russia.

2019  "Talent of Russia" - All-Russian Сompetition of Contemporary Art. Moscow. Russia.

2019  "Meeting Of Stiles" Graffiti Festival. Smolensk. Russia.
2019  "2019 Showcase". Arch Enemy Arts gallery. Philadelphia, USA.
2018  "Above only art." Moscow City, Tower Federation. Moscow, Russia.
2018  "Fomenar Verona". The church of Santa Maria in Chiavica. Verona, Italy.

2018  "Premio Fomenar 2017". Art Nou Milleni Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

2018  "Yellow" 2017 Show. Gallery Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. Online.

2018  "Hello, it's me!". Museum "The Garden Ring". Moscow, Russia. 

2017   "Blue" 2017 Show. Gallery Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. Online.

2017  Solo ""Apartment Building Exhibition"" Moscow, Russia.

2012  Exhibition of young painters. Smolensk, Russia.

2011  Exhibition of young painters. Smolensk, Russia.

2009  Exhibition of young painters. Smolensk, Russia.


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