Moths in my works are illusions, fears, complexes. Fragile, fickle, rapidly disappearing, is invisible. My works are little stories about relationships with fiction, doubt, and ideas in our heads. We can be friends with them, be in harmony, fight or ignore them, but they are always with us! Even if just nobody notices.

Few years ago I had serious nervous breakdown accompanied with sudden panic attacks. I could not breath, pulse came faster, got head ache and felt uncontrollable fear of death.I was laying on the floor, gasping, beating myself in the head, asking my mother or husband to beat my back. I thought that could help my clamped muscles and blood vessels to be relaxed. I called an ambulance and doctors told me I’m healthy. I could not do anything alone: go outside and use public transport or just stay home. That’s was just my brain’s joke or more precisely, the autonomic system’s joke. The disease existed only in the head. But I took so much time, volition and energy to win it. Now for me it has become a beautiful and exciting part of my art. Those exact moths. Real, threatening with death for me. And completely invisible, unreal, non-existent for others. One day, I’ve just stoped believing in them and they’ve just flew away, became a beautiful symbol of illusions, in where I get my inspiration now days.

All World.

Oil on canvas.
100х140 cm.

This art is about a fear of death, fear which consolidates people all around the world. It’s about the planet's disease cause of humans and about mutually effect on each other.


The flight of Moths seems like mutating DNA. They have eyes of people of different ages and races. Flying moths and pale planets give us an overall portrait.


The idea of art came in the first wave of isolation and lethals by covid-19. Then people faced many troubles and ecological disasters. The pain that we inflict on ourselves and all living things seems so absurd.


Flying moths are a symbol of fleeting human life, leaving an ecological hole in its own.



Oil on canvas.
105х140 cm.

All what we do, think or speak is the momentary subjective perception, which can be false. The same words and acts can be  interpreted in different ways, which depends of people’s mood and upbringing, psychological statement and life’s principles.

I’m so interested broadcasting this illusions In the form of moths. Here he is landed on the face showed any fantasy, fear, complex, made human’s character, left Subjective mark in somebody’s Perception and then moth flew away. Who is the human? Nobody have known it. Maybe human only is a set of illusions?



Watercolor, gouache, pastel, paper.

100х70 cm.

What happens to us when you need to talk about something very important or speak in public.



Oil on canvas.
105х140 cm.

This picture is about the inner world of a woman, consisting of changeability and uncertainty.

There is an angel on one shoulder, a demon on the other, a mass of incomprehensible and elusive nuances that make her unique, mysterious, strange and beautiful.

Pink tape is an permanent ridiculous bruise on the leg.

Symbol of naivety, oddity, care and humor.

A Strong, Independent Woman.


Watercolor, gouache, pastel, paper.

50х70 cm. 2020.



Watercolor, gouache, pastel, paper.

40х40 cm.

I Hear You.


Pastel, paper.

50х50,50x70, 50x50 cm.

I Feel You.


I See You.


Meeting Of Styles Russia.


International street art festival.

Smolensk 2019.